by: Tyvon Greyeyes

I want to point out first that Wishtoyo was very beautiful mostly due to its people and the scenic view of the ocean and the village which was a very nice experience that I will certainly remember for a very long time. At Wishtoyo we learned so much like the culture and tradition of the Chumash people that is very touching because they have so much respect and grateful for everything they have and they love what they have which is very rare to see. We also learned some fun activities like making bracelets, necklaces, learning sacred geometry, surfing, and so much more all of these activities have created a strong bond with everyone of us, to me we are all family even if we aren’t blood related  we are spiritually related. My experiences here at this program are indescribably amazing which I have never experienced at any other program, So for whoever reads this I thank you for reading what I am currently thinking about.


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