Beginning of the End of the Program: Tyvon Greyeyes

Sadly this day marks the beginning of the end for Mayan Math, Indigenous Games, and even Blogging. First I’d like to thank our elders Julia, and Mahti, our teachers Santos, Shelva, Angela, and Val for the life changing information that will benefit me in the future. We learned about Environmental Law, Applying for College, Mayan Math, and many more interesting topics that I will do my best to apply to my tribe and local community. The most impactful thing that I learned from this program was environmental law because it shows how much we need to improve the quality and beauty of our Mother Earth. Another topic that impacted me was when Bradley Henson came for a presentation about how we can mix western medicine with traditional medicine which opened my eyes to new ways to help our communities. Finally I’d like to thank all of those who provided this crazy fun experience for me and overall be my friends and teachers throughout the program.




Tyvon’s thoughts of the last few days

Sadly the program is coming to a close and that point in which we will all say goodbye but we still have time. The few days have been packed with fun activities such as the Pitzer and Pomona college tours have had me interested in the choosing these colleges after high school. But I am drifting toward applying for Pomona because they have a great STEM program and the local environment is very friendly for everyone. The Limu islands tour was also another an amazing experience since I had the honor to appreciate the beauty of the island and the culture of the Chumash people. And today the presentation with Bradley Henson who taught us how herbal medicines used by indigenous peoples actually may have health benefits better than modern medicine and how we can apply this towards our communities. So this program has provided me with new experiences that will benefit me in the future so I say thanks to all the staff, mentors and the people behind the scenes who made this possible for me.

Analysis of My Photoshop Piece

The Photoshop piece that I made was with the Bears Ears behind me with me in front protesting with a protect bears ears board, a deer in the middle of the road, and finally a map of what will happen if we allow companies to start extracting on these lands. Well first of all the national monument established by Barack Obama, then it  was reduced by 85% President Trump did this to increase the jobs in the area which will have disastrous effects on the local ecosystem and destroy the sacred place for Navajos, Hopis, Zunis, and Ute. The deer in the picture represents the local wildlife which will be forced to move to another location due to the effects that are to come. I am protesting in the front of the picture to represent my full support for the protection of this beautiful and sacred site. If we stand together we can save this national monument and we may be even able to save the countless sacred sites for indigenous people all over the U.S and maybe even the world.

Tyvons Bears Ears Project

Tyvon’s unforgettable experience at Wishtoyo

Hello Fellow Readers, I haven’t blogged over the past few days due to having no connection with the blog but a lot has happened for example our trip to Wishtoyo which was amazing and beautiful.  During our trip we traveled to the home island of the Chumash people, learned new songs, learned about laws that only apply to Native Americans, and more about the doctrine of discovery( domination). When we were arriving to the islands I will never forget about the dolphins playing in front of the boat. On the island we went kayaking which was a new experience for me and I am glad I went because the scenery was absolutely breath-taking, we also went snorkeling. But good times unfortunately come to an end but I will cherish my time at the village.



Thoughts on “Spirit Game” By Tyvon

Today we watched an amazing film “Spirit Game” it was a privilege to watch this movie the second time it is about the Iroquois Confederacy game, Lacrosse, which they play at an international level this movie was presented to us by Gayle, and TJ. Gayle was an executive producer of the film she is also a Native American Rights Activist always fighting to preserve the way of the Native Americans. TJ was the first Spirit Game Ambassador and is also a Lacrosse player who tried out for the team. This film was just great it showed how important this game was to the Iroquois Confederacy and how the injustices of the Vatican was involved into this movie. Besides the movie in the morning we had academic writing with our wonderful instructor, Shelva she provided help with our prompts. After that we had Mayan Math which we learned how to use an abaco this tool is basically a calculator. Overall this was another exhilarating day at the NY2C program.

The link to the movie is provided below.

Tyvon’s Third Day


Today we  learned how to solve big problems by uniting together for a cause an example such as protesting and just to be persistent until your common goal is accomplished. Another thing we did today was when we participated in Flower Wars which is basically a very sacred game which you have to touch the crown of the head and you have to defend or attack in Quecha martial arts this game taught us discipline, unity, and how to work together these attributes can also help with solving big problems. But on the other hand today was a great day in the beginning of the day we wrote about environmental issues that are close to our communities or even in other indigenous communities all around the world. Mayan math today was pretty good because our instructor taught us how to write the date in the Mayan way which was pretty interesting.

First Day at Pitzer College for Tyvon

The first day at pitzer for me started at 6 in the morning beginning with a beautiful sunrise followed by a opening ceremony for all new and returning participants of the programs. At the beginning of the day I also got to meet some new people with great attributes most of them pretty friendly and welcoming. The day even though it was absolutely fantastic but it was accompanied by an unwelcome heatwave. An amazing speaker came today to talk to us about some great topics which we elaborated on for a while. The last activity of the day was Martial Arts with Hector this was actually very exhilarating experience which I enjoyed greatly. So far the program is very fun with a myriad of adventures awaiting us for the next few days.

Second To Last Day

The past fourteen days has been the best days that I have had this summer and I want to thank all the teachers for taking large portion of their time to teach us so much knowledge which has inspired me. Also I want to thank the mentors for helping us with some problems that we needed help with like with math or writing. A special thanks to Vincente (our Aztec Math Teacher) personally he is my favorite teacher because he is full of knowledge and wise which is why he if my favorite. I want to thank all the others for providing me the best experience that I will treasure the experiences I’ve had here so thank you all.

Yet Another Day At Pitzer

By: TyVon Greyeyes

Today we have two speakers today both of which taught us a lot of valuable information such as a brief talk about history about Native American land and how to write in a more creative way.  The talk about our history even though is was short is had so much information that has affected me in way that wants me to to tell people about the true history of America. When we were writing in a creative way it expanded the way that I have though about words which will come in handy when I am writing any type of essay or assignment.

Another Day At Pitzer

by: TyVon Greyeyes

Today was almost as usual as everyday like we did math, wrote, and blogged but the most unusual part of the day was when we went to Western University cadavers which was very weird but we had a ceremony in the beginning to help us get through this activity. My thoughts of the cadavers have to be mixed between disgusted and sorrow because I thought why would you do this to a person they once laughed, cried, loved, and felt the warmth of happiness at one point of their life but they want that for themselves so I guess this is how they wanted it. So the rest of the day was very great and I like this program so much.