Okay, to be completely honest, I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Well, I do so I guess I’ll just share that. I want to move out of state (California) and move to Santa Fe, New Mexico and attend Institute of American Indian Arts and get a bachelor’s degree in American Indian Studies and teach indigenous youth about their culture somewhere in  Canada. Then I realized how messed up the schooling system is and I personally don’t want that in my life more than I already have to.  So realistically, I’ll go to community college for a year since my school district gives us a free whole year. Then, I will transfer into IAIA and get the same degree I strive to get. After that, I’ll move to Santa Barbara, California because my tribe is from there and I’ll do revolutionary stuff for the Chumash community because what we need right now to to show the world that we are strong, resilient and indigenous…Oh…AND STILL HERE!!!!!



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