My great-grandmother inspires me so much hands down. Ever since I started picking tuli and learning about the culture she introduced me to, I have not lost interest and have not given up on bringing the culture back. I would probably be sitting at home and doing nothing to learn or inspire other people., if it was not for my Nana. I have gotten other people interested in the culture as well. I would not even be in this program right now, but i am and i’m thankful for that. Today i was blogging and i looked up and saw a poster that made me smile and be emotional in a happy way. I had saw i a poster that said “Tongva Women Have Never Left Their Land, They Just Became Invisible- This Book Is About Making Us Visible”~Julia Bogany. I am truly luck to have a women like her in my life.

~ Marissa Aranda (DancingButterfly)



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