This morning, after being rushed for breakfast, we were rushed to get ready to meet in the parking lot. Today we went to Western University of Health Sciences to learn about ourselves on a deeper level. Today we were to examine cadavers and learn about the relationship we have with those who pass away and the impact they have on our lives. Before heading into the cadaver lab, our elder Vicente Candonache smudged us with sage as and gave us Ruda to place behind put ear as he performed a ceremony. The purpose was to protect us from along with blessing any bad energies with the dead bodies. As we examined the cadavers we were given the chance to hold and examine human hearts. This tested our limitations from the harsh smell of formaldehyde to the realization of standing in front of a human with their chest cut open, a person who pretty recently walked and breathed as we do. As we stood there over cadavers with open hearts and other hearts sitting on the table, my group began to look at each other. Curious of why these specific bodies are in front of us. I asked how these bodies were chosen and what are done with them after. We learned that these people all wanted to be apart of a caver lab. To help teach and inspire youth and young doctors about medicine and the human anatomy. After these bodies are not to be used they are cremated and send to their families of spread out at sea. We did not feel as awkward with these bodies, knowing that after death they are being treated with respect and keep their rights.


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