Well today overall was a pretty interesting day. to start off the day I woke up in a good mood although I was pretty tired. As every morning we did our indigenous games which was really fun we got to work with some new moves and incorporate love with it. After breakfast we got to go to Gross Anatomy Lab to dissect a human body. I thought this was just amazing and really interesting because i have never seen a dead body nor touch a real heart and lungs. It’s just interesting that you can see all the diseases that a person had and what the inside of a body actually looks like because it is nothing like it is in pictures.  To end our day we got to have a social class thing that had us think about our feeling an write about them and i just thought this was creative cause i feel like we don’t really think about our feeling but more of brush them off so when they had us reflect on our feelings it made me more aware of them.


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