When i woke up today, i was not expecting to experience what i saw in that lab. To be honest i forgot what we were going to do today. When we arrived at Western U, i was so put of it. Barley had seven years of sleep, which is not enough for a person. My van was one of the late vans, there was like three late vans. We then watched some videos and wrote down somethings that i don’t really want to get into. We then walked into the room where all the bodies were and body parts. Right as i walked in, i had that uneasy feeling. I didn’t feel right in there. But, i pushed through that and decided to learn because i am legitimately curious about how some parts of the human body work, specifically the heart. I sort of enjoyed it in there, but the whole time i didn’t feel comfortable because there was actual dead bodies around me. But besides me being uncomfortable, i did enjoy the knowledge in this.



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