Jarrod’s Photoshop Photo & Final Blog

I photoshopped me at eagle rock that is near my reservation. I photoshopped myself at eagle rock because i have admired it for so longer since when i am going to my reservation and point it out every single time. I have always wanted to visit it up close but i couldn’t every time. So i photoshopped myself there with my clapping stick that i made last year. And i used the eagle because i wanted it to represent the rock. I used the coyote because at my reservation, there are many animals but i have admired the coyote the most.

jarrod eagle rock edit final

Since it’s my last blog, i would like to thank Adrian, Michelle, Aolani and Elizabeth for helping me out through a tough time and constantly checking up on me. I would also thank them for being really good friends throughout the program and even if i don’t see them again, i wont forget what they did for me. And my biggest take away was when we went to Limuw, when i was on the boat i felt a sudden happiness, just the scent of the ocean and seeing the dolphins. It made me stress less and helped me calm myself down. And the Snorkeling and the Kayaking got rid of a fear of me being in the ocean.


Jarrod’s Blog

Today we had a talk about Edison, they were talking about saving energy and how they can give big check scholarships for college. I thought this was interesting because if you work for Edison you can get some other money. An then the whole animation talk was very interesting. Mostly because it turns out these animation companies actually do research on certain things they don’t know. Like head shapes and even how a baby deer’s body works. I also liked learning that some characters have to be turned into a unrealistic design, such as the main character in “Dinosaur”.

Jarrod’s experience at Wishtoyo

When i first got to Wishtoyo and saw the tents and the beautiful view of the ocean i had a sense of relief. Mostly because i was tired of being in the bus, just kidding. I was relieved at the fact that i get to see the ocean again and maybe even see some dolphins in the ocean. On the second day of being at Wishtoyo, we went to the Limuw and i Kayaked and Snorkeled for the first time in my life. While kayaking, i was scared because my friend Isaac was messing around and was rocking the kayak and almost made it flip. While snorkeling, i was just scared to get caught in kelp or meet a creature that wouldn’t be that comforting to be face to face with. Snorkeling was fun tho, i saw creatures that i haven’t seen before in person. Anyways on the way to Limuw, i saw dolphins for the very first time in person, and it actually brought a smile to my face. But when we came back, i was upset because of certain events and stayed in my tent, but i would hear the songs that everyone was singing and it was actually calming to me. But overall i am happy to have gone to Wishtoyo again, it brought me knowledge and understanding.43366806492_8a0625b6aa_z

Jarrod’s 4th day: Spirit Game

I have watched this film last year when I was at the Native Youth to College Program last year but i still loved watching it as if I was watching it for the first time. I just love watching sports and even if i knew what the end result was, I still had my hopes up and would actually get hyped. I also loved seeing indigenous people fight for their people when they weren’t allowed to cross without an U.S. passport. I’m glad that they keep the game alive in their nation, since other nations have lost their way.

Jarrod’s 3rd Day :D

Today, I learned the importance of communication and strategy through the Mexica Flower wars by how the first round my group didn’t know what to do because we were not led properly and we were basically running around like headless chickens. On the second round on the other hand, we were coordinated and actually communicated with each other, and that led us to a victory. Communication and strategy actually makes a big difference in your team if you are actually willing to listen.

In Angela’s class, we talked about environmental issues and Law issues. With the environmental issues we talked about oil, cultural land and pollution. With laws we talked about discrimination and how some law enforcement is not always good.

Jarrod’s First Day….Again

Today, was fun actually. I know that today was a bit hard because I had to say bye to my loved ones. I also love that i was forced to get off my lazy bum and actually do something and meet new people. I already love everyone in this environment because everyone seems easy going and not menacing. Most of the stuff was just talking to each other and getting to know each other. The ice breaker was the whole group making up a story and having each person remember all the parts. Over all the day was really good.

Today was the last class with Shelva and Candonache. – Jarrod

Today, was our last day in Aztec math, and writing class. I am disappointed to see that i won’t be taught Aztec math anymore. At the beginning of Aztec math, i didn’t get it at all. We were at Pamona college that day. I was there like “What the heck is this?”. It was like learning math all over again. Then i continued to learn more and more. The hardest part for me is probably the long division.  I still don’t get it. I just get lost in the way Vicente teaches because he is so fast with the nipohltzintzin, that i can’t keep up. I then started to get into it. The learning started to get easier. So i think i am pretty good at it, but i’m pretty basic in this field. I just hope to get better at this type of math. Thank you Vicente for teaching us, me, how to do Aztec math.

Same thing with Shelva’s writing class. Shelva has taught me how to properly write and essay. Also with the help of the mentors. In that class, i had the strength to tell a powerful story that i went through. I almost forgot about the common app. Shelva has gotten me to see what is ahead of us. What i have to do to be successful. So thank you Shelva for helping us me.


Jarrod’s 12th Day

Today, i was woken up to someone knocking on my door to tell me to get to the mounds for Danza. I was woken up a half hour before i wanted to but i was ok with it. I got up put on some clothes and walked straight down to the mounds. While walking i realized that it was a bit warm but not too hot. When i got there i noticed that some people had already started. And then i noticed that there was only about ten people there out of the twenty-five students. Most of the students were sleeping in, and then i told myself, “they are lucky” but i did enjoy the Danza after all. I’m going to skip the rest of the day and go right to one of the best lectures i have ever heard in a while. Joshua Hathaway told us about what really happened back in the day. He told me things that i didn’t really know before and i was so into it. I have to admit, it’s one of the first lectures that was actually interesting to me. He told us what the colonists did to our people and how our people suffered. I don’t want to get into much detail but i just wasn’t to say that i was so intrigued about what he was saying. And how i felt like i am actually apart of something and that i should be a part of it. Today was also just a chill day but i did enjoy most of it, i love to learn, like what i heard before, there is a difference in trying to learn and actually doing it. So i am actually learning so i am enjoying everyday while i’m here.

Jarrod’s Anatomy Lab Experience

When i woke up today, i was not expecting to experience what i saw in that lab. To be honest i forgot what we were going to do today. When we arrived at Western U, i was so put of it. Barley had seven years of sleep, which is not enough for a person. My van was one of the late vans, there was like three late vans. We then watched some videos and wrote down somethings that i don’t really want to get into. We then walked into the room where all the bodies were and body parts. Right as i walked in, i had that uneasy feeling. I didn’t feel right in there. But, i pushed through that and decided to learn because i am legitimately curious about how some parts of the human body work, specifically the heart. I sort of enjoyed it in there, but the whole time i didn’t feel comfortable because there was actual dead bodies around me. But besides me being uncomfortable, i did enjoy the knowledge in this.