Today was an interesting day. It all started with waking up at 6:00 and getting ready for indigenous games. After the games we had breakfast and then got ready to go to Western University so we can see the cadavers. When we got there were taught some of the protocol and some of the rules before we went into the lab. After we were taught the rules we went outside to get smudged by Vicente. The reason why we did this mini ceremony was to bless us and protect us just in case there was any evil spirits that were attached to the bodies.  After we were blessed it came the time to go into the cadaver lab. As I was walking to the lab I had a weird feeling about going into the lab. It was weird because I’ve been to a morgue before and I was used to it, but this time it seemed different. Well I still went through it and it was worth it. When we walked through the door the sight was interesting. There were steel tables in rows with white bags on them. At that moment I realized that they were the bodies. I really didn’t get scared, but I got interested. We got our gloves and then we got right into looking at the inside of the chest cavity. I got to see the heart, the lungs, the rib cage, the diaphragm and everything else in the chest cavity. In all together today was pretty interesting and intriguing.


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