Today, Joshua Hathaway gave on a class on colonization. Although the class was a short hour he was able to spread a few topics out for us to discuss. We been studying colonization my whole live, today was a mind opening class with just enough time to graze the line of us getting mad. He went over one of the biggest lies we are told in this world. The man on the cross died for our lives. That is wrong, our ancestors died and suffered for us. The europeans brought over their weapons of mass destruction with their first voyage. Europeans were filthy people, metaphorically and literally. They never bothered to wash and lived in trash. They had many diseases with them that over the years of living in filth, they became immune. On their first encounter with the indigenous people of this land, the began to spread their disease which killed off natives left in right. Elders and children were the first to experience the rath of the disease due to their lower immune system. The past and the future were killed off, the teachings and hope were killed off. 


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