I slept peacefully this morning knowing there were no indigenous games this morning. I felt well rested, refreshed after a well needed sleep in. The class with Katherine Watkins was inspiring and mindful. I felt like my brain was full by the end of the class. I enjoyed listening to everyone speak their minds about what they thought about the songs we were listening to. Hearing these songs made me feel meditated and reflective. The well spoken words of all the musicians spun through my head as my pen hit the paper. Writing like I never have before, I felt more descriptive and like I became one with the pen. My thoughts poured out of my mind and sole onto the paper. I felt relieved and relaxed about my writing. I have never done an descriptive writing exercise like this and all I can say is how much more heart-felt my writing was. How easy the words came from my mind and were flowing on my paper like water down a river. This made me think more about my words and how to elaborate on a single moment in time. I deeply appreciate how far Katherine has come to share her knowledge with us. I really enjoyed this class and felt energized the entire time.



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