I had my final class with Candonache today. He taught me the esoteric art of preforming math on the Nepohualtzintzin. Candonache was my favorite teacher, not only because he so well illuminated the methods of Aztec math to me, but he provided me with wisdom pertaining to the beliefs of our people, and on how to improve my understanding of the world.

I also had my final class with Shelva today. I am very thankful for the consideration she had for all of us, concerning our futures and future colleges. Before I began attending Shelva’s classes I had no idea how to apply for scholarships, or even how to search for potential colleges, but because of her class I am now confident in these processes.

I appreciate the influential lessons of all the other I speakers, incredibly.

Thankyou Candonache, Shelva, and everyone else!

-Zaryn Prussia



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