Mmmmmmm so many thank you’s to say and recognitions. I first want to start with my second year experience here at the program, I had so much fun being away from home I definitely felt very independent while being here. Whoever accepted these students you made such a good choice the students here are so damn cool and free spirited they will always be running through my thoughts like little perritos.  Next I want to thank the beautiful luscious mentors for always laughing at my fuchi yokes and for being so damn awesome and so relaxed especially with me and that also includes Ana, Jenna. Elizabeth. other Elizabeth. Then I want to thank my dude Scott for always checking in with me and having such great trust and hope in me, I also want to thank you for helping to organize such a beautiful program for native yoth and creating that safe space for us to share and be open about our identities and pushing us to be proud of who we are.

  Now for the awesome teachers who came out to take part in this program!. Vicente you  are so amazing and so well educated about everything really I definitely look up to you as my maestro and always will. There were so many good lectures here at the program and the professors and visitors really made sure to make that connection with each and everyone of us and I really appreciate that.


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