The past two weeks, I took two classes with the rest of my peers. First class being, writing and common application class with Shelva and the other being Aztec Math with the Nepohualtzintzin with Vicente Candonache. Shelva was a great professor, the way she gave us a lot of examples to help us write our personal statement, even though it will take more than two weeks to submit to universities as our final draft. She also gave us great websites to use throughout our senior year in high school to research more about colleges and help us find what university fits best with us. Throughout Vicente’s class, he was always telling different stories about the Nepohualtzintzin or about the Nahuatl culture. The way he was always telling us to not be shy to ask for help, and that was what I did. I asked him to explain to me how to multiply and divided by using the Nepohualtzintzin. I actually never thought we could use the Nepohualtzintzin as a calculator, I only thought it was used to count, but apparently I was wrong. I am glad I had these two professors throughout these two weeks, they have gave me more knowledge than I came here for. So, thank you Shelva and Vicente, keeps teaching other youth your knowledge, they will need it. 

always happy, Johanna Osuna 


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