Today was pretty set back and chill . I didn’t do the aztec dance in the morning because i was still tired from the night before. I went to breakfast and then after we had our last writing workshop and common app with Shelva . I didn’t finish my writing peace but i’m very confident in what i did do. I can say my writing has improved over the course of these two weeks. I didn’t really like it at first and know that i have been doing it a lot i kinda like it. It makes me feel like expressing my feelings is fun. hahaha. We also had our last math session of the aztec math with vesenthe and it was really smooth, i kinda got the hang of it know, if we had more time in this program, i’m pretty sure i would have mastered it. Even though i struggled a lot in it, i’m going to miss it.After dinner we had a elder come in and talk to us about that movie we watched and then told us about her career and how she wanted to correct history by telling the truth. Right know i’m feeling calm and like i want to see my family. I miss them and love them, but theres only today and tommorrow so i’m trying to make the most of it. I have made so much friendships here and it almost makes me feel like there my family too. My mentor louda , i am truly grateful for, she makes time for my huetziline and Marrissa . I love my mentor!!! Louda if you read this i am thankful for you!!! And i’m going to miss you a lot!! Thanks for putting up with me and the others!!! You are such a strong , amazing, beautiful person inside and out!!! Hopefully i run into you in hawthorne hahah. Im going to miss you, you should come back . I am.


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