My first steps onto the Pitzer campus this morning, were filled with nervousness and fear. I was consumed with worry because of the fact that I didn’t know anyone attending. I was immediately comforted as I was checking in and recognized some familiar faces. Upon meeting more friends I gained a surge of strength. Everyones’ openness and friendly attitudes made me feel welcomed and even more comfortable. Today’s activities made today pass by very quickly. Every hour we were learning and trying something new. I am extremely appreciative of the speakers we had today and was able to connect with them. One of my favorite activities today occurred after lunch when we had indigenous games. We were taught how to protect ourselves which I find important in this day and age. I felt extremely empowered as a woman knowing I can defend myself. After this activity, we had a circle talk with elder Julia about the rocks we have in our lives. This topic made me think deeply and realize the importance of appreciating those people we have in our lives that prove to be our rocks. I will forever know my rocks as my mother, father, and brother.42530462614_815ebc6ce7_z42530908754_0e180d15d9_z29379044548_c3d7b28658_z (1)29379046278_081315d668_z


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