My name is Ja-Rey and this is bits of the story of my first day at pitzer’s Native Youth To College Program. 

After my arrival to the parking lot of Pitzer,  I stepped out of the car to be greeted with this very gross feeling of hot air. It was motionless and dry but it didn’t dampen my anticipation for the program. At the check in table I was about to scope out some of the students I would be spending the next 14 days with. My momma was about to walk me to the dorm I was assigned and help me get situated.  It was air conditioned so you know we were thankful,  we had carried my luggage up four flights of stairs in double digit weather. This was my highlight of today cause it was kind of like a flash to the future. We talked about how similar the moment I leave to college would be to this one. I was glad my mother was there for support.  Its only been a day and i’m very thankful for the opportunities I will find here at NY2C.


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