Hey everyone! Today was a very interesting day with all of our classes and lectures. the day started off with a writing class with Ricky. In the class we shared some environmental issues we were concerned about and what steps we can take to make our concerns disappear. We also talked about some laws that we’ve had problems with and would like to change due to the effect it had on us. Later on we picked topics to research and present on. After that we did indigenous games with hector where we were taught communication and many other skills such as learning from your mistakes and coming back from failure. these two classes related to each other because they both teach us the same concepts in the end.

Yesterday was a very important day for my family. It was a day where one is coming of age. In other words it was my brothers naming ceremony and all the students were invited and got to go. My brother Is a very important figure to me because he is my oldest sibling and inspires me to be the best I can be although we may be very competitive with eachother. My brothers old name had been little dragon fly and recieved the new name of spirit eagle. These ceremonies are important to my tribe and to the families who are having a child being named. I hope that the experience of the students going to the ceremony gave them an understanding of what different tribes do to celebrate coming of age.



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