So on Tuesday we traveled all the way to Malibu to go to a village called Whishtoyo. Whishtoyo is a chumash village that has been in at this site for 8,000 years. When we first arrived, they village welcomed us with some wonderful songs. when we first arrived we had a welcoming ceremony, then we had lunch, next we went to the beach. when we where at the beach, a huge wave took me out and took my glasses. The next day we left early morning to the Island of Limuw. Limuw is the original home to the chumash people. What we did at Limuw was snorkeling42697872584_71b81ee688_z and kayaking. The next day we did a moot trial with the UCLA law students. The last day we had a closing  ceremony which was a great time then. This was a great experience in my life.


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