what about me?. I am a youth that is deeply attached to the energy of warmth and bright ya dig. My image provides you with the observation of my everyday energy, such as the pieces of jade and the hummingbird as well as the background color that I personally selected. As you can see there is my beautiful thiyck self holding an Aztec flower while feeding the hummingbird, my way of moving during ceremony represents this energy. The stone of Jade is very sacred to my people and has a personal impact on myself as I wear it, the feeling has a balance of dark and bright for me personally. The color is titled as a bright red orange! this color explains my attitude in a way that it shows that I am Strong, B****, loud, crazy, warm,. I try to incorporate this color in my traditional wear as well as in my fashionista attire. Now that you have the understanding I encourage you to eat huevos con chorizo O Whateva!.

Huitzilin Ayala



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