7/17 (little late oops)

This past week our assignment was to create something that reflects yourself using photoshop. The prompt was difficult for me as I struggled to decide what to do. As I was throughout campus I continually saw hummingbirds. Hummingbirds have always held a special place in my heart. It brings back memories of my dad and I trying to attract and feed hummingbirds from our own hands. When we hear the distinct light noise of the small birds wings we always smile. I always tend to see hummingbirds in times of need, and immediately become comforted. They always appear at the perfect time and place as a form of support and encouragement. I gain a sense of relief which boosts my confidence. Butterflies remind me of my mother as they are so beautiful and serene. Just as hummingbirds, they remind me how important it is to appreciate all of the beautiful things in life no matter how small they are. The landscape behind me is the flower garden of Claude Monet who is a famous artist. I’ve always felt connected to nature and the true intensity of it all. I always try to take my time and smell the roses instead of moving fast in tunnel vision. The flower garden signifies my grandfather as he encouraged my love of flowers and plants. From a young age, I remember him tending to his own gardens with uttermost love. To this day he grows the most amazing flowers and fruit.



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