I want to thank every mentor that was apart of native youth to college. I learned so much from ya’ll as individuals and the way you all work together. I admire the way they were patient with us and they made sure we were well and cared for. I think the connection that was developed by the students wouldn’t have been possible if the mentors that were with us most of the time weren’t so nice and gentle. I appreciate the moments i shared with all of them. From singing at wishtoyo till the sun set or just sitting in the classroom learning the same thing. i really felt like their equal not some little kid. I wanna thank Violet for the positive energy she always seem to have also for offering herself as a resources so that I could have another opportunity to sweat since the last time so conflicts arised. Aolani  thank you so much for being funny as heck. Your the women I saw give birth to a basketball. lol you recognized us as young adults and I thank you for that cause i hate being patronized. i thank every mentor those who asked if i was okay. my own mentor weliyah so keeping us updated and making sure we were up in the mornings. i’m very grateful to have been given this opportunity it was my first and unfortunately my last year but i believe that it was meant to happen this way.


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