SOOOOO this was a great two weeks staying at Pitzer. I made so many friends and learned a lot of information that will help me with college. When I first arrived i thought that since people that already came knew each other, so i thought that i was going to make no friends. But I thought wrong i made so many strong friendships with students and mentors. All of the mentors had a great sense of humor expectantly Aoloni. I think that since Aolani is so close to my age that how we got along so well. I’m greatfull for Weliyah, Michelle, Lohci, Alejandro,  Aoloni, and Adrian for making this a great two weeks. I want to thank Julia for excepting us as her own grandchildren and for her for sharing her culture. I want to thank Genna and Gina for showing us how to photo shop and helping with us with all the blogs. One think that will be forever in my memories is all the classes and all the free time that all of us spent together. One major memorize is when we all traveled to Wishtoyo and all bonded in a way that will never be broken. This was one programs is now going into the books.28544918397_3c46979d9a_z


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