Andrew H.



I wanna thank My mentor Adrian, for being a cool guy, We always joked around, kinda like a brother, who doesn’t beat me, lol just kidding. I respect him, And im thankful for having him as my mentor, hope I’l see you next year maybe If I do go. I also wanna thank uncle Mati for letting us stay in his village, I’ve been there before and I treat him and his family with respect, I also see him as family. R.I.P Sho Shui

Staying at Pitzer in a dorm, is really cool, It prepares me, when I actually go to college. When I’m there the college treats you with a lot of freedom, and pretty much they treat you like a adult. what I have learned over the past few days is being  responsible, and acting mature Like im responsible to get to my next class on time. washing my own cloths, And I have to act mature Because i’m already a young adult, Im not going to go climb or be loud around other dorms. That what I learned over the past few days.






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