It’s the finalllll countdown!!!!!!!. I am very proud of myself for still coming to NY2C right after PAYS, like if ya’ll knew what takes place during PAYS you would understand the challenge and amount of it. Big thanks to my parents and close friends for pushing me and not giving me the option to give up, as well as to my good friend for going through this experience with me even during PAYS and NY2C (we got big thangzzz coming up for us dude). This is my last summer of programming I definitely went all out and really over booked myself but it was worth it, hopefully with these experiences they help me during the  college application process as well as entering University itself. It’s the last summer here for me sadly but I encourage those rising Juniors to take leadership and encourage your community to participate in this program as will I. To all those new students that came this summer I hope that you gained an amazing experience and that you also feel encouraged to come back the following summer if not don’t be lame and challenge yourself. Thank you to all staff’s, professors, mentors, and students for being apart of this journey for three summers with me and making big impacts on myself culturally and educationally. Wish me luck and I hope to see ya’ll soooooooooonnnnnn and if not hopefully in the after life I guess!.


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