Miiyu yam

Welcome students and mentors to another year of the Pitzer Pipeline.

My name is Michael Derby and I am Pechangan. I have attended this program two years before, this will be my first year as a mentor.

Last blogging session

In the morning we meet with Robertjohn and he showed us an exhibit of sacred items he’s acquired throughout his life

Later we split into groups and came up with our own native stories. My group had to make a story about how the rattlesnake got his rattle and act it out. The result was pretty well received by everyone else I suppose.

It is a shame to see this program coming to an end.

I still miss the Chumash village so much!

Visiting the Chumash village was so amazing, from driving up as they sang to us and the heart felt goodbyes and everything in between. We slept in tule huts, similar to ones my own people made. There was an elders ceremony we had on Saturday and it had gone on for so long that after it ended I just when to my hut and fell on the sand and slept without even touching my sleeping bag.

The entire experience was simply a powerful one. I loved all the songs and the people there truly made it feel like home.

A good day to be indigenous.

I’m glad to have made a drum again and it was interesting seeing how differently it was done this year, I still smell like dead elk. It was interesting hearing from Richard Lone Wolf and the practices he has done.

We are required to add a picture to this post so I found one from last year’s program.

Welcome back.

Hello again, my name is Michael and this is my second year entering the Pipeline program. I am 18 years old and from the Pechanga branch of Luiseño indians. I’m so excited to be doing this again, and the past week I couldn’t wait to see my Pechanga cousins once again and learning new things. It’s a bittersweet feeling seeing all these familiar faces and yet not seeing some others, but I’m looking forward to bonding with the new members just as I had with everyone last year.

I’m glad today was very relaxed, with us starting with yoga and relaxation with Daria, and our working on the clapper sticks.

The end is nigh – Michael

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

This program isn’t ending everybody shush.

I’m not ready to leave, I will now go lay on the floor in despair and this is all the blogging you will get from me about that ok bye

8/9/12 – Michael

I loved going to Pechanga. It was great seeing the cove after the Pechanga youth program had ended. We did so much there, it was amazing to just look at the Kiisha’s and remember how much work had to be put in to make it. I almost couldn’t contain myself when Paul told the story of the Seven Sisters and I had already known it and, ironically told Kayleen a moment before at the cove.

Watching the films Alcatraz is Not An Island and Reel Injun were great, I will have to get those movies and watch them again once this program is over.

The elders we are meeting here are fantastic, it’s such an honor for them to share their time and stories with us.

Tomorrow – Michael

I’m super excited to be visiting Pechanga tomorrow. I’ve been talking to Nick about how great this will be and how will we be representing the tribe. I can’t wait to show you all my rez!

Hopefully we can go around the Great oak 🙂