Blog Prompt | Friday, July 17, 2015

We hope Mount Baldy was beautiful and that you’ve had an amazing day (not too hot)! We are very moved by your blog posts from last night about the Pomona Museum collection!  Good with bad/sad… it inspired you to speak wisely, poetically, and with the power of your own truths….kudos to all. You are demonstrating that you are ready for college by your thoughtful reflections….keep writing! And keep up the great work! – Gina and Edwin  🙂

Today’s Prompt:

1) Now that you’ve been away from home almost a week what are things that you miss about home?

2) What is one thing that makes it hard to be away from home?

3) What is one thing that is great about being away from home?

4) Reflect on your day.


Blog Prompt | Thursday, July 16th

NYP Superstars,

You guys are amazing! Your posts are insightful, brilliant and beautiful! Your depth reaches far beyond your years. Thank you all for being so candid. Last night we wrote about resources or places where you find support to go to college.

Tonight’s Blog Prompt:

1) Post a Pic of your favorite artifact and how you feel when you were in the Pomona College Museum.

2) Can Native Culture and College Education go together? How So?

3) Reflect on your day

Extra credit: 4)  Comment on someone else’s post. Please make sure that along with showing them some love you respond to what they wrote about.