Jada’s Blog

Having my mentor and the elders at the Native Youth 2 College program was a big help.I became friends with many people and had great experiences with other kids.The mentors  helped alot when I had writers block.They helped me when I didn’t know what to do.I had great experiences here and learned alot.One of my favorite things that we did here was going to the island and going kayaking.On the first day of the program I already didn’t like it but,later on I realized what a great privilege it is to come here and learn new things.I will miss everyone in the program and I hope to come again next year.43366806492_8a0625b6aa_z


Jada’s 11th Day at Pitzer

The past few days at Pitzer have been very exciting and eye opening .One of the main things I enjoyed was photos hopping a picture of me into a different back round.This was exciting because I got to take pictures in a professional studio and editing and photo shopping it.Something I look forward to doing again was martial arts.Martial Arts Indigenous games was exciting because I got to learn a way to defend myself and have fun doing it with other people.

Jada’s experience at Wishtoyo

Wishtoyo was very fun and interesting .My favorite part about being at Wishtoyo was going kayaking at the island and going to the beach early in the morning.At wishtoyo we had a debate and watched a movie about The Doctrine of Discovery.I also got to shuck an abalone.

Jada’s 4th day

My fourth day was pretty fun. My favorite part of the day was watching the spirit game movie.I got to learn about a sport that I didn’t know much about and its back round.Before that I got to design a game with a group of people.This was fun because I got to meet new people.I also had a writing class that was very fun because I got to work with my brother and cousin.

Day 3 at NY2C By: Jada

Today I learned how to play a game called Mexica Flower Wars .The idea of the game was to work as a team to protect the person holding the staff.The game was a very fun way to communicate and learn about each other.Earlier today we had to write what we would put in a college essay.I had a hard time with this because one of the topics was hobbies and talents.Overall today was good I  guess.Yesterday was more challenging because we were outside for more than 6 hours.We also got to make soapstone necklaces that took a long time to carve.29414342968_bfdd045e9f_m