Final day D’:

todays the day of our graduation….. I’m a bit sad about it though cause I’m gonna miss my mentors. This morning Gayle asked what we should take out of this program and use it in our daily lives. What I would take is all the knowledge I’ve learned from all the important people who would give up their time to teach us. I wish the program was longer but I have a job to do, and that is practicing my Native culture. I’ll miss you PIPELINE!!!!!!!!!!! DX DX DX DX DX DX I’ll be back next summer.


Yesterday we went to western University to check out the anatomy lab,we were divided into three sections; Brain and Heart, Bones and Muscles, and observing a 90 year old lady with a chest cavity. It was fun but I’ve already done this at Cal Poly so I know most of the stuff, it’s good to learn something again. I’m pretty upset that we’ll be going home soon, I’m going to miss my Native brothers and sisters, I’m also hoping that they’ll come back next summer but with more people. I’m Gonna Miss Them :'(.

Relaxing day

Yesterday we went to the Pechanga cultural center, it was nice and very cool inside. our tour guide was Paul, he gave us a tour around the great oak, it seems that she was 900 to 1200 years old, the trunk is 10 ft below the surface, and small baby trees were growing around her. After experiencing a wonderful miracle, we drove to a summer campsite where we went into an actual sweat lodge, it was small on the outside but it was big in the inside and we were sweating a bit. After we were done we traveled to a friends house and went swimming and had BBQ. “IT WAS THE BEST DAY EVER”, but when we were about to head back I hit my head hard against the door of one the vans, I had a huge headache throughout the whole ride home But it was fun. XD XD XD XD XD XD

what I know about my culture

I never realized that my Hawaiian culture would mean so much to me and my family, when my dad came to pitzer to teach my class I felt bad for not dancing hula anymore and also not paying attention to my dad when he teach his classes. I know that I carry something very special and I should continue learning more about it and understanding it. I want to show Grandma and Grandpa what I can be, and what I can Accomplish. I want to learn my language, I want to teach my children and my grandchildren.

I never expecte…

I never expected that this week would go by that fast, I’m kinda sad about it though. I wish this program would last longer because they’re many things I wanted to learn like who am I?, where did I come from?, what did we do?, what was our traditional customs? and so much more. I might not even get a chance to know about my navajo and apache ancestors. 😦

I wish my tutu would see me what I accomplished so Far but I feel like I’m missing something special, something that I have to gain. Maybe I need to start growing up and learn my Hawaiian culture.

What Family Means to me

Last night I was asked what family meant to me, I understand that family is something that we keep close in our hearts, we rely on our parents to help us and guide us to our goals, we also rely on our grandparents because they know more than your parents :P, and we should love and respect our siblings cause someday they will go far maybe farther than us. So my understanding is that Family means: Father And Mother I Love You! remember that your family is very Important. <3<3<3<3<3

A strange dream

last night I had this wierd dream that the pipeline students and mentors were all in a circle, and we were singing this song that I didn’t know about while there were two foxes dancing above our heads. I saw a bear sitting on the lrft side of scotty and I saw a Raven sitting on the branch watching us while we were singing. I realized that we had this close connection with these animals. Maybe our ancestors are watching us and is sending us messages about our future. 🙂