Final Blogging

lahoci, thank you for helping me and explaining questions to me easier and you made things easier. I am really proud that I met you and talked with you. And dear Jeana thank you for showing us how to do photo shopping and it was fun. And dear MS. Julia I thank you for doing all of this for us and thank you for everything you’ve done for us all and i will miss you :(.



photo shop done

My photo says no matter what tribe you have, be proud of your native pride and we all have a power and you will find out when you need it. And its says, love and like your culture music and try to learn your language.  Learn how to sing in your language. No matter where your from and where your people live, just be happy and love your people and be yourself.

Indigenous games by: Jimmy


Since we began indigenous games, all of us students been bonding, having fun, and doing stuff. We’ve been learning how to defend ourselves and defending for others. And we learned a new move too help us focus on something we need to be focused on. We’ve been handling sticks as weapons and learning how to take a weapon away from a person. And we got in two teams and fought and it was fun. I had a great time doing this and hopefully we can still do this next year.

3 Days at Wishtoyo by: Jimmy

             28544918397_3c46979d9a_z   The three day at Wishtoyo was fun and we all bond with each other. We went to Limuw and we went snorkeling and kayaking and we learn a lot then we left. We got back and we got abolone shells and made them into necklaces. Then we ate and had fun with the dogs. Then it was time to leave and we said what we liked about the place and we learned stuff. Then we did a group picture then ate and then we left back too Pitzer :(.

Spirit Game by: Jimmy

Today we did pure editing and then we did Mayan math and we had teams that went against each other in games. It was fun and we learned a lot today. Then we watched a movie of a team that was native and played against other teams across the world and the team was good and they play for the gold medal. They were winning in the 1st half and in the 2nd half they were losing and they loss. They tried they’re best to win and they were glad that they took 2nd place. And the people that came , they wanted us to show our people the game and want the game to be played and not forgotten.

Day 3 at NY2C By: Jimmy



Today we played Mexica Flower Wars and it was fun. The thing that i liked about it is that we were all communicating and we were like community by doing teamwork to protect the 2 staffs. I was chosen to protect the staff and had responsibilities to help my teammates. And today we talked about problems in our environment and mine was that on the Navajo Reservation, some families and people have no piped water and they have to haul water from they’re windmill or go far away. and the government and the Navajo people are working together to give water to the people who don’t have water. They both are the same because they have to do teamwork to deliver water to the navajo’s who don’t have water.







Jimmy’s Awesome First Day at Pitzer


               My first day here in NY2C, was great. I saw some new people and i got to my room then waited until we went to the auditorium for the ceremony. We went to the ceremony and saw some new people and all of us students introduced ourselves to the other parents and to the Mentors. THen we went to lunch and we had fun and ate food and we went to the third floor and a lady came in and talk to us about life and the experiences she and her grandmother had and talk to us about how to relieve stress. Then we made up a story and ate popsicles. Then we went to the cafeteria and ate dinner then after we got done eating we went to the third floor and we did martial arts and we all learned how to defend ourselves and how to defend for others. Then we talk about who is our rock which means, who do we look up too and then we got on the computers and madeour first day blog :).