Native youth are most of the time restrained of going to college because of financial problems. Yes, pretty much like a lot of students around the world, but many native youth that live in reservations are in deep poverty. Another reason is because they are often subject to discrimination for their native roots. I guess you can say it is a way that they are pushed down to not go to college. Native youth also fall into bad influences, of course not all native youth, but this eventually can lead to drugs or alcohol addictions. Another obstruction can be the level of education they receive at schools. And lastly, lack of support.

The day today started with a chill game of basketball. Which I really enjoyed because it got me active. Then followed breakfast and then the theater class. It was pretty cool meeting courage, Rose’s bird. Besides everything else I did throughout the day, the most interesting part of the day was the gathering we had with the guest speakers and the elders. It was an interesting conversation because it brought up new knowledge. And this time I did not fall asleep. Oh, and I also have to get along with the computers next time because no computer wanted to work for me. But, when someone else used it the computer worked just fine. Well that was my day.

Day of Learning

1. I want to go to college to have a proper education in order to be successful in life.

2. To fulfill my parents dreams of being the first to go to college . It would make them really proud.

3. It is important to make a difference in college and my community.

4. College is a way for me to take a step forward in the right direction and become an example for the people who most need it.

5. Going to college will prove that I am capable to achieve great things in life and be able to do what I like to do.

Today, was a very hectic day. There was lots of classes to go to and a lot of listening. The major thing i learned today was about genes. I already had a good understanding of genes but the doctor who lectured us today really made me grasp the whole concept of genes and the importance it has in our lives.

Getting To Know Juan

As you read in the title, my name is Juan. I was born in Tepic, Nayarit Mexico. At the early age of 2 years old I went on a year long adventure along with my family. This adventure was going to “el norte”. “El Norte” is what many people in Mexico refer to the United States as. My mother brought me and my siblings in search of the cliche better life. So far, it has definitely been a better life for me and my family. So this is pretty much where my life begins. I am now an incoming senior at Anahuacalmecac High School. My greatest passion is playing soccer. I’ve played soccer since I was very young and I am a huge fan. And when I say huge, i mean really huge fan. If it weren’t for soccer and my family, who knows where I’d be at this moment. I don’t really know what I want to study after High School but one thing is for sure, I am going to college. This is one reason why I decided to come to the Pipeline Program.

So far, my first day has been really chill. I’ve met new people and hope to make new friendships. And I really hope to hope on to the soccer pitch here at Pitzer College.