Native youth are most of the time restrained of going to college because of financial problems. Yes, pretty much like a lot of students around the world, but many native youth that live in reservations are in deep poverty. Another reason is because they are often subject to discrimination for their native roots. I guess you can say it is a way that they are pushed down to not go to college. Native youth also fall into bad influences, of course not all native youth, but this eventually can lead to drugs or alcohol addictions. Another obstruction can be the level of education they receive at schools. And lastly, lack of support.

The day today started with a chill game of basketball. Which I really enjoyed because it got me active. Then followed breakfast and then the theater class. It was pretty cool meeting courage, Rose’s bird. Besides everything else I did throughout the day, the most interesting part of the day was the gathering we had with the guest speakers and the elders. It was an interesting conversation because it brought up new knowledge. And this time I did not fall asleep. Oh, and I also have to get along with the computers next time because no computer wanted to work for me. But, when someone else used it the computer worked just fine. Well that was my day.


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