I thank my mentor for giving me my water bottle when I forgot it. It was very fun being here because we got to do games and stuff and we even got to go to the beach and an island. I also want to thank all of the elders and teachers for teaching me stuff. I also learned a lot of things while I was here. I’m happy that I will be able to come here next year. this experience will help me in school because I’ll be able to talk in front of the class without being scared.


My photoshop thingu

When I was making my photo thingy I was just messing and was making it look very weird. I didn’t really care about it I just some random stuff that made no sense. It was fun making it because I got to do this type of stuff for the first time. It was cool learning how to do it and I just did whatever i wanted to do. I kind of learned fast and was able to make it look cool and funny.Joshua

Blog by Joshua

Basket weaving is what I want to write about today because it was kind of fun. It was was very fun but hard so I wasn’t able to finish making the basket. I know how to make baskets now and I will probably do it again. i had to wet the basket a lot so that it could bend and stuff. Everyone else’s basket looked really cool but mine looked like a daddy long leg spider.


One day I went to an island and I got to go on a boat all the way there and it took over an hour. I saw dolphins on the way there. While I was there I saw a fox and it was cool and I wanted to steal it but I couldn’t. Then I went kayaking and it was really cool because we went into a little cave and I learned how to kayak. I learned how to turn and all that other stuff. I saw a cool crab that was the same color as the seaweed. After that I went snorkeling but it was very cold so I was shivering but it was still cool seeing some cool fish.Then when we were going home I saw seals.

Spirit Game JOSHUA

Spirit game was a good movie because it was about a really good sport that these people really liked. I liked how they played the sport and how the sport was very important to the sport. The people were really good at the sport because the sport was a big part of their life.


Joshua solving problems

28420239387_f093dce19e_zCommunities can help with problems that people have people work all together. If a community went together to stop a problem it will be easier than someone solving a problem all by themselves. Communication is very important in almost everything that’s affecting communities.

Joshua 1st Day

On my first day at NY2C was fun because we got to talk about important things with other people. I was able to be around new people that I’ve never met before but I also got to come here with my cousins and sister. I got to stay in the same room as my cousin. We went to the room and started to fix the beds and then laid on the bed and watched some videos on my phone. I was about to fall asleep but then we had to go somewhere. We got to go and learn more about the Native Youth to College.

Then we got to do a game that was fun and weird. After that I was very hungry and then we got to go to lunch and I ate healthy food for the first time in a long time. After lunch I got to look at the chickens and they looked cool.  We also had to introduce ourselves a lot.28380136837_5b13f1fced_z