last blog post- Kayani

I want to thank Michelle for being the most understanding, encouraging and helpful. to me she was kind and concerned for my safety. She was my mentor, but that’s not the reason i like her. i like her because she responsible, and she someone i think i can relate to. i learned to try hard and not give up when things get hard. i’m gonna carry this in the new activities i try


animation and science

I enjoyed this activity because i could always relate to Disney and the many messages it brings. Disney has dark lessons and hardships in each move. Yet still finds a way to bring hope. I enjoy seeing the science involved in behind the scenes. it was good hearing from someone who worked with Disney in many movies. I was exited to hear that she worked on many of my favorite movies. I don’t favor the Disney movies. but i enjoy the ones that teach kids something.

untitled- By Kayani Ell


i chose this picture of me to represent how humanity has the power and ability to change the pollution happening on earth. i would like people to see that life is important and we are destroying the only life we know of. the mountains are what earth should look like. the building represents all the pollution humanity puts on the environment

Kayani’s Wishtoyo experience

i enjoyed my time spent at Wishitoyo. A lot of my time was spent with my cousin. My Favorite activity was shucking Abalone. it was unfortunate that i couldn’t go with my peers to the island. i heard they had lots of fun. I tried spending my day doing as much as possible. the more i did the less i felt like i was missing out. the people at Wishitoyo were very supportive. I would’ve stayed if I was aloud. It would be great if i can go again next summer.

Kayani-being open to new ideas

communication has a lot to do with being open to new idea’s. young minds have astonishing ideas that deserve to be heard. Not being open to new possibilities is turning down change. Change is something that no one  should be scared of. It is something that can be presumed.