Day 12, Mathew’s last entry…

well the time has come to an end… I wanna say thanks to all the mentors, that were able to put up with me and my brother. lol, Alejandro I wanna say thank you for being my mentor because I don’t think any other mentor would have made me feel right in at this camp. To all the teachers that taught me new things I wanna say thank you because your just making our future easier for us. Thank you Julia for being my elder, you made me feel like I was one of your own grandchildren XD, but also to all the other elders who I talked to and taught me about your past and culture. last be least I just wanna thank all the kids that are here and made me and my crazy brother feel like at home, and just shared memorable moments together here at the camp and Wistoyo .28544917717_daf0e6fd6c_z


Mathew’s day at NY2C

For the past few days there has been a lot of bonding and very fulfilling opportunities  here at the camp. It has really changed the way I look at things now, but to come here to learn about our culture and others peoples culture is so awesome its really a experience you have to see, feel, and admire it yourself . I got to meet new friends got to learn more about others peoples culture, and also share some of my culture, and sing with some friends. Really tho, there is so much to talk about this program and i’m grateful for the people that put this together, because i know how much planing goes into these camps and how long, and how much energy takes to get these camps going. The thing that kinda sucks tho is that i’m turning 18 this year and i’m not gonna be able to be in the program anymore, but who knows maybe ill become a mentor in training next year, lol , but really I would love to come back to this camp to meet new people and have more experiences, and help my community to be there better selves. if your reading this and was thinking about coming but didn’t next year apply and come, you wont regret it, trust me just do it, you’ll43366806492_8a0625b6aa_z have fun and make some new friends. XD

Mathew’s Day at NY2C

Today was a very relaxed day today woke up at 7:30 went to breakfast at 8:00 then, we had a writing class the lunch then Mayan  math, witch is pretty cool because most people don’t know how to write and do math in Mayan, but the best thing we did yesterday and today was that we did Photoshop and made a photo statement and mine represents that when we all come together we are able to help the world in many different ways but only if we come together, and the animals are the spirits of our ancestors that are watching over us and seeing what we are doing to help the earth and watching over us.mathew Group photo

Mathew’s trip at Wishtoyo

When we went to Wishtoyo  all the kids had a energy that was so powerful that words can’t explain it. We spent 3 day’s there and we got to sing, go to the beach, and just got to hang out with one another and just got to get closer with one another. The second day we went to Limuw witch is a island that the Chumash lived on. We got to go snorkeling, kayaking and some of us got to gop on hikes.28544917717_daf0e6fd6c_z

“Mathew’s experience of the day”

Today we got to learn about how, and what goes on into, about how making video games. and usual how long it actually takes to make a video game. Then we did academic writing for a few hours.Then we watched Spirit Games witch is a movie about Iroquois and how their their keeping their original games alive witch is lacrosse. What really caught my attention was how the Iroquois did not want to get a U.S or Canadian passport and use their original passport, but most of the time they were not able to use them.


Ooooooooooooook let me tel you about what happen yesterday. Yesterday we learned mayan math and how to wright in their language. Then after that, we were gladly invited to a naming cermony  were we got to see other natives get their first native names and their second native names. all last but not least we were able to paly a game today witch was called mixica flower wars. witch is the same as capture the flag.

Matt’s first day


I’m Mathew, today was my first time at ever being at nativeyouth2college and it was awesome experience. one of my favorite classes was the karate class, it made me learn focus and discipline, and kept me in a calm mental state, witch was peaceful.29379044548_c3d7b28658_z (1)