nathen’s last blog

i just want to thank my ancestor for everything they have done. and i thank everyone i met in my live, because i had some pretty fun moments with them. i hope the same workers work next year because i feel really comfortable around them. the most impactful thing i did these two weeks i’d have to say was at wishtoyo.


nathen’s day

i learned about different schools these past couple of days. and what caught mt interest was how many opportunities there are in such a small world. i would like to go to one of the schools but it is really far from home. and when i am a signor ill have a scholarship for sports and ill try to get in school that is really strict on the sports. so ill have a better chance of being a professional in whatever i do, but that depends on how much work i put in.

nathens day

today was a long day and i feel like i learned a lot, but since i was with all my friends id say it was a good long day. I picked my background because i got to sit with my favorite fighter, i picked that fighter because i look up to him. I like the fighter i picked because he is one of the best upcoming fighters. during the photoshop i learned how to but my self in a different world it was really cool.



one of my highlights was definitely the Mexica flower wars in indigenous games, I had a lot of fun practicing they’re selfdefense ways. me personally I really love selfdefense training, and id love to make fighting a career for myself.