In my time in chumash I learned another valuable piece of my puzzle and on this day I beat doubt back into his place and I feel better more than better in fact, I am no longer under the shadow of my own doubt.

reve yad tseB

Taking blood isn’t as bad as it seems I can actually stand the needle. The silicone substitute was not an actual human arm or other part to retrieve the blood so it could go either way. May consider this for a little job when I need one.


I also sewed together a cut on a pig’s foot, too bad the leg was severed from his body, but it was good practice and the scent reminded me of the time I spent a week dissecting a shark not the best time in my life with that shark but the pig was better.





I have nothing, except for when I made a new friend it was a spider.  He was on my clapper stick and I didn’t have a name for him, but he left for another land. I hope he was a jumping spider that way he could give me tips on water droplet hats next time I see him.

It was long trip Nick lozano

well its been long two weeks i can’t wait to get home and see my animals…and family to i guess.good program i may come back next year if i feel compelled to or if my brother decides to come who knows. and now that the end is here i all i have to say is I’m sure we will meet again, perhaps.


stowy tiym. nick lozano

yesterday was interesting the cadaver lab was good the brain and heart did not phase me in the least so i liked it. we also wrote little story’s for our speaker, i was tasked with how the skunk got its white strip or black? today’s ceremony was of interest as well, as of right now i am supposed to be blogging, but i am not.

Swim! nope.avi nick lozano

yesterday was fun i got to go to my ancestral land of Temecula and visit my cultural center and the best part was the cove, kiisha are still the best house out there, they say it was hot maybe. we also went to Dr Rega’s house and had a pool party except i did not swim, why because i did not want too. today’s ceremony was very good our elder Adelima had many good inspirational things to say today. also in memory of the fallen of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

the blessed warmth of the sun Nick lozano

august 6th planted plants and dug holes in the blazing heat but i felt nothing, well maybe a little. also went to LA we did not get hurt from the experience so very good. met all sorts of new plants in the warmth of the sun, i need to get me some salt plants. oh and um i am Luiseño, Pechanga “People of the sun” from Temecula “Place of the sun”.

herobrine nick lozano

had so much fun cleaning the museum using the pickaxe to plant a new olive tree, and mining for rocks was equally fun. dancing was somewhat fun i suppose, got to meet the Japanese visitors it was fun too. went to the farmers market as well, got to see a little store with some cool stuff didn’t have my favorite Pokemon. Alcatraz is not an island was a good documentary learned many things and the mars landing alright! feeling down but still good enough (Good enough!).