Last Blog Post :(

Well we did it, we all made it through, its been an amazing evening its been an a amazing 2 week period. Really met a lot of great people from all over, i really love everyone, all the good laughs we had all the love that was shared. Really looked up to all the teachers that came and showed us all different times of things and very traditional thing and activities. I learned a lot from everyone really gonna miss everyone. Wish i got to know my mentore a little bit more as well as the rest. But its really been a blessing. Pilamiya (Thank you)

I’m gonna Miss Ya!



Think Back and Reflect

i thought the college that visited us this morning was to good to be true, i mean 10,000 a year? c’mon there’s always a catch to those types of things maybe they need more students to apply so they try to bribe, I don’t know, Not my time tho. I thought Pomona tour was very interesting very old school in a sense. I really loved the arts and image making was really fun had a really great time. The basketry and drum group was really amazing, felt really connected with everyone, all enjoyed. I also enjoy the talking circles with auntie Julia new topic every time nice to hear and see everyone open up. Also a great experience with Mayan Math, and Writing with Shelva, really new and interesting assignments, learning more and more to come!


Trevin is not for sale

WOW!honestly i love my image wouldnt be the way it is if it werent for adrian, Mathew, and Benjamine. i love it! Thank you! had a really great time.

The Black Hills was part of Treaty land in the beginning until gold was discovered and the european/colonizers broke treaty land out of greed and slaughtered many Native Americans who got in their way. Then the lowered our land privileges and broke many promises and broken many treaties. They offered money in resorts to the Black Hills. in for which we must always