The Last Supper

I made this to represent how no matter how far apart we are we are still a family even though most of us are from different places from around the united states or from somewhere else. to make sure that we stay together and never forget each other I propose that we should have a few days each year were we come together to catch up on good times.


kev last sup


The last BLOG POST!!!!!!

Today was very fun I’d like to thank my elders, mentors teachers and peers for always being there for me and I enjoyed our two weeks together I hope that later on we can all come back together and have fun like a family. I hope that all of us can contribute a change this world so our elders, future elders, and families can live together in peace and harmony. The take aways from this experience was the amount of knowledge I gained that I can pass on to the next generation.

Tuesday July 17

Today I was a little tired because of the big walk that we did around one of the colleges. Since it was hot we had to bring extra water to drink. As the time passed we went to eat at my favorite cafitiria so far out of the colleges so far. Maybe when I get older I might come here.

Monday 16 2018

On this day me and my friends went to the pool since today was very hot but before we went to the pool we had a tour of the campus. Another thing I did today was feed the turtles in the morning. I also plan to finish my photo shot pictures with the T-pose.

My past Few Days at wishtoyo

At Wishtoyo we camped there for a few days and nights. During the first day we went to the beach and got hit with lots of rocks because of the current continued to push in rocks on and off the sand. Then I really loved it how we would always cook with or for each other. When we served the elders there we learned that it is important for the oldest sick young pregnant and ect. When we went to the island it was fun because we got to snorkel in the water and kayak. I enjoyed how we all got to see dolphins and a whale on the way to the island and back to the mainland. Finally I am happy to give sho-shoi a good time before she passed away.

My Fourth Day

As for my fourth day here at this program call Native Youth 2 college program we watched a movie that talked about Native American Indians fighting for their writes and their land. Since the pope visited the United States the Indians believed that it was a very necessary time to protest. Since they lost most games they continued to fight for the win and when they lost their dreams became their new generations dream to win the finals of the sport locross.

Solving problems

The ways that immigration can affect the community can be a good effect ,because we just need to accept the thought of bringing in new people into our lives or community. the reason why is because outsiders can can help make our lives better. Another effect can be the help of creating long lasting food or how to treat the soil that we use better so that we can reuse it. As we continue to live in this nation immigration is a solution because the government doesn’t make most of the country the people do. So if we don’t allow people in then we can’t continue as a nation.

Kevin’s First Day

Today was a very fun day for me because I was able to meet new people and old friends within this program. I was very nervous when I got dropped off here because I have some important things to do today and the days to come in and out of home. When I met my mentor I believed that he will be one of the most important person here including my roommate and others in my group. The activities that we did today helped me realize more on how everyone is different but can suffer from the same problems or rejoist about their accomplishments. As for the other activity that we did towards the end of the day witch was martial arts was very fun because I got to do it again with the same people        as last time within indignations and new people. For the food that I ate it wasn’t that much that I ate but, at least that I didn’t over do it as the previous day I was here.