Yesterday’s lesson was about assets. We had to come up with ten assets about our community, family, and ourselves. With defining ourself with assets we began than to think about how we could use that to contribute to our community. My three assets would have to be that i am strong, funny, and friendly. I would love to help my community would be to work with the children at the community center. With my positive energy I feel like I could have a good impact on them. Since I already volunteer at the retirement home, my new goal would be to visit them at least three times a week. Just getting to know my elders would help me to grow as a person but to also let them know that someone really does care. Assets play a key role in a community, it can show us how lucky we really are or how strong we could be with just a few simple words.


“In Whose Honor”

Today in class we watched a documentary called “In Whose Honor.” While watching I would say that there were some strong feelings brought up by the issues portrayed in the film. What I noticed about the people in favor of “The Chief” is that they were mostly ignorant of the topic at hand. There was a lack of understanding, but more than just lacking information, it was a lacking of empathy towards the people who are hurt by this showing of a fictitious Native Chief.
If ever I had to sum it up in a few words I’d say that racism through ignorance is still racism.
Now I have to ask, what did any of you feel about this movie? Did it bring up any anger, or perhaps any sadness? What do you feel about these people supporting “The Chief” and their arguments for keeping him?
There are no wrong answers, just how you feel.