Today was a whoop of fun and randomness for some reason. This morning we started with Indigenous games and we played the flower wars and that was a lot of fun, the whole time I was laughing just because of how my peers were getting into the game so much and really participating. Then we had a woman’s drum circle which was an empowering, emotional, and the greatest moment of my day. We sang various traditional and sacred songs for example: the hummingbird song (which was everyone’s favorite), the bear song touched me to the heart and after leaving the circle I feel positive and ready to continue the program and end it in a good weyaa  hay weyaah hay ho.

Back at Pitzer

Today i woke up very tired. After I had indigenous games I was very much pumped up and ready for the day. Today was a very chill and relaxed day. The rising senior ME went to Pomona college and we where with the people from the admissions office. They talked about the common app and gave me very valuable information and hope to contacting them soon to help me build my common app. We ended our day well besides this with a drumming circle. Held by Josie Montes it was a memory to remember. We learned so many songs and learned about there meanings. The best part was when we sang the humming bird song and just s few seconds later a hummingbird was buzzing around us. Such a wonderful day we had now its time to end because i’m really tired.

Auntie Josie is the homie

So I’m very, very tired so I’ll keep this short and simple. After dinner the womyn and men separated and had their own talking circle. Auntie Josie showed us some amazing songs and I can’t keep singing the hummingbird song with Huitzlin AT THIS MOMENT. The songs were so powerful that I forgot that I was on Earth. It was so moving and I’m so blessed to have been able to experience that with my fellow sisters at this program.