Thank Yous and Takeaways by James Fenelon


The Native Youth to College program (NY2C) is now coming to an end it is appropriate to say a couple words of farewell. The first words go out to the elders which are the reason any of the activities within the program were possible. They did a great job of mixing fun with learning and deciding which times were appropriate for which. Julia, Scott, and the mentors did an excellent job of guiding the youth. Without them we would not have any foundations to build upon. From those foundations there were many takeaways from the program. NY2C wove together getting into college, college life, as well as importance of culture. Every student shined during the two weeks while we were together. I am going to miss all of the family I have gained here. Hopefully we do not forget one another and that our roads cross in the future. Notice how the final words are farewells and not goodbyes, this is because we will see each other in the future in one form or another.


Beginning of the End of the Program: Tyvon Greyeyes

Sadly this day marks the beginning of the end for Mayan Math, Indigenous Games, and even Blogging. First I’d like to thank our elders Julia, and Mahti, our teachers Santos, Shelva, Angela, and Val for the life changing information that will benefit me in the future. We learned about Environmental Law, Applying for College, Mayan Math, and many more interesting topics that I will do my best to apply to my tribe and local community. The most impactful thing that I learned from this program was environmental law because it shows how much we need to improve the quality and beauty of our Mother Earth. Another topic that impacted me was when Bradley Henson came for a presentation about how we can mix western medicine with traditional medicine which opened my eyes to new ways to help our communities. Finally I’d like to thank all of those who provided this crazy fun experience for me and overall be my friends and teachers throughout the program.



Ansel’s back at pitzer

One of the best parts about being back at Pitzer has to be being able to shower. I was a little mad that we didn’t get to go shower as soon as we got back to Pitzer but I am still grateful for being able to wash the dirt 3 day old dirt off my body. When I woke up this morning I was extremely tired but indigenous games woke me right up as it always does. We received a great presentation from Pomona admissions office about the common app and becoming familiar with the different parts of the application. My favorite part about today was when Tata Vicente was telling us a story and about mid way through he stopped an called for the humming birds and about a minute later 3 humming birds appeared, this blew my mind. Then when we sang a Women honoring song I really put my heart into it and prayed for all my sisters, mothers and tias that our struggling. So I really felt that song was necessary.


Diego’s back at Pitzer

Waking up back in a comfy bed raised up three feet from the ground feels a bit disconnected. Especially after waking up by crawling out of a sleeping bag, watching the sunset while standing around the siliyc and with the Wumalibu ocean view. However, there were moments that made it cheerful to be back at pitzer, such as indigenous games. Today we got to play flower wars against each other, testing our strategies and teamwork.  Afterwards we got to speak with admissions about what they look for in an application. I feel more confident on how my application will be summited this Fall/Winter.

Back at Pitzer

Today i woke up very tired. After I had indigenous games I was very much pumped up and ready for the day. Today was a very chill and relaxed day. The rising senior ME went to Pomona college and we where with the people from the admissions office. They talked about the common app and gave me very valuable information and hope to contacting them soon to help me build my common app. We ended our day well besides this with a drumming circle. Held by Josie Montes it was a memory to remember. We learned so many songs and learned about there meanings. The best part was when we sang the humming bird song and just s few seconds later a hummingbird was buzzing around us. Such a wonderful day we had now its time to end because i’m really tired.

Maya’s Third Day

             Today I was very sleepy, but martial arts with Hector quickly woke me up! I had so much fun playing tribal games, and my team won both times! But i would have had just as much fun if we lost- the enjoyment was really in the teamwork of my group. I just wish it didn’t start at 6:45 am. Then after breakfast, we went to academic writing with Shelva . Today for Common Apps, we found five facts each about five colleges. This was particularly easy for me because that’s what I do in my free time, often while crying. (I did not cry this time). Then I went to lunch, and afterwards we had a class with Joe Parker.We spoke about Idle No More, and how it is important to request change when we believe change is necessary.  I would have then liked to take a nap, but that very moment we traveled to Scott’s house to go swimming. Then it was time to meet Saginaw Grant, a famous Native American actor. Saginaw spoke to us about the importance of culture and education. He also told us a legend that taught the moral of not rushing through your journey, so you may enjoy all of the experiences and details. I loved hearing him speak- I wish my face could’ve shown it! I was practically falling asleep though. I guess I’m just not used to waking up that early. Then we had dinner, theatre, and now blogging! I hope I’m not so tired tomorrow.

2016 Recommendation Links Now Available

Good Morning Everyone!

It’s already February and just the other day it was January 1st, 2016!

Recommendation Links for both 2016 Mentor and Student Applications are now available.

Mentor Recommendation Link:

Student Recommendation Link:

You can also find either of these by clicking on the 2016 Applications and then either the Student or Mentor Application tab in the Dropdown menu.

Please remember, you need 2 recommendations from someone who knows you and your work well – a teacher, a mentor, a boss, etc.

It’s never too early to ask for recommendations if you are applying for the program.

2016 Applications Are Out!

Okay, so the moment you all have been waiting for is here!

The 2016 Native Youth to College Applications are out!

We will be having both the Online and PDF version available. Right now, only the Online applications for both the mentors and the students are available. A PDF version to download will be coming soon. They can be accessed below.

Please go to the Application Page – – and select either drop down link for further information on the applications themselves, important dates, etc.

Important Due Dates for both:

  • Application Deadline                                                Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 5PM
  • Notification of Decision                                           Friday, May 13th, 2016 at 5PM

If you have any questions regarding the applications or anything else, please contact Program Director Scott Scoggins at 909.706.5948 or

Good luck and we look forward to reading all your applications.