Today was a whoop of fun and randomness for some reason. This morning we started with Indigenous games and we played the flower wars and that was a lot of fun, the whole time I was laughing just because of how my peers were getting into the game so much and really participating. Then we had a woman’s drum circle which was an empowering, emotional, and the greatest moment of my day. We sang various traditional and sacred songs for example: the hummingbird song (which was everyone’s favorite), the bear song touched me to the heart and after leaving the circle I feel positive and ready to continue the program and end it in a good weyaa  hay weyaah hay ho.



  1. Huitzilin, I can tell that the drumming circle was an impactful activity for you. I was very touched when they had the women on their moon in the center of the circle and everyone else drumming for them. I want to challenge you to write more about your personal reflections? Why did certain activities capture your attention more than others? Anyways, great writing and happy to get the read your blogs!


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