Hi I am Alyssa Flores this is my first year here!!! I amT.O/Pima and Mexican and live in Montebello,California. I am very excited to see what i am going to gain from my piers and mentors. I want to leave this  pipeline knowing new people.🌻✌


Today has been an invigorating and indigenous day. We started off with a healthy departure from our parents with allowing them to relieve of their worries. We then moved on to exciting ice breakers that gave us the opportunity to laugh and share our experiences. I am an individual that enjoys trying new things or even refreshing my knowledge on experiences that I have focused on in the past. Creating a hand drum with the elders and very knowledgeable and capable drum maker, was a very empowering and connecting experience. I am greatly looking forward to the ceremonies and activities over the period of the next two weeks.

Testing 1, 2, 3

Hey everyone, it’s Kayleen (Kayaking). I’m 17 in September, and I’m going to be a junior at Claremont High in the fall. This is my third year at Pipeline actually! So all that’s fun! I’m Ohlone, Seneca, and Tübatulabal tribes, and from the Turtle, Bear, and Eagle Clans(don’t let the pale skin fool you). I’ve lived in Cali all my life, and I’m too much of a wimp for cold weather to live anywhere else quite frankly. Give me 104°F over 40° any day of the week! So I will probably die in California too!
I enjoy drawing, socializing, and lazy summer days under a tree talking about nothing or listening to my headphones. Especially if I’m listening to Broadway, Neil Patrick Harris is never a wrong choice. Uhmm, and aside from slacking, my job is mainly people-watching. I’m one of the tallest short girls you will ever meet, and hmmmm yeah, I think that’s about it! Nice to see you all again!


…I don’t look as crazy as that picture depicts I swear. Jasmine and Brandon are just photogenic motherhuggers.

and remember, it’s in the marshmallows.


Hello everyone my name is Addison, I am from Los Angeles. I’m part of the “Kickapoo” tribe in Oklahoma. I am 14 years old and going into my sophomore year of high school. I love sports and meeting new people. I play basketball and soccer. I just wanted to express the fact that I am looking forward to meeting all of you and hope everyone has a good time! Thank You

Jaqueline O.

My name is Jaqueline Osuna or you could call me Jackie. I love cats ,Chile Rellenos and American horror story, I am a very talkative, nice, caring, and loveable person. I would always have  a smile on my face and love making jokes. I love trying new things and foods. I am excited to start these two weeks meeting people and gaining new friendships also learn new interesting stuff I won’t have a chance to learn in my Valley.     

                                                                         Jackie O.