Update on App

Hi Everyone,

The 2015 App is not out yet. Our apologies. We are encountering technical difficulties in inserting the app on the website to make it online.


If the online app isn’t up by Saturday, we will post a hard copy of the app so you can start working on the questions, etc.

2015 Pitzer College/WesternU’s Natives 2 College Pipeline Program Application!


The 2015 Pitzer College/WesternU’s Natives 2 College Pipeline Program Student Application will be here tomorrow (technically here already except on the West Coast)!

We have made a lot of new changes, so please take the time to carefully read all the new directions/program changes and GET EXCITED!!!

Highlights of the exciting activities for summer 2015 will come soon. For now, tell your friends and family and urge them to fill out an application.

– The Pipeline Program

Strange Dreams!

I’ve been having some really awkward, strange dreams about the island and everybody is in them! It’s like these dreams are repeating! They won’t go away! I see everybody in my dreams though… There’s places on the island in my dreams that look familiar in reality but in my dreams I don’t know where and what they are! Really getting curious!?!?!? It’s driving me crazy I really want to know what and where they are! Is it a sign or something?

Missing everyone already

I can’t believe how connected I got with everyone more then others but now I just can’t wait until next year maybe even the fall!!! But anyways I love all you guys I missed my family mostly my bed but you get what I mean everything was so much fun I loved learning so much about different cultures and how there personalities were all so different
I’m going to miss hearing this every day “Trisha gets down”-tekpot
I just loved it there and I’m so greatful for everyone that put together the program how much you loved every single one of us! :)


<3 trisha

Missing the New Family!

I miss everybody so much already especially Mati Luhui! There such amazing inspirational awesome people I’m so glad I got to meet them! Everybody else to I cried so hard! I cried from the village to almost all the way to the airport! Then we missed our flight and had to stay one more night. I am now at home and happy to be here but can’t wait to go back next year, my sister is coming to pipeline next year with me! More Lummi kids, pretty soon lummi kids will be taking over pipeline pretty soon! I’m finally going out on the water now! I also got my sage stacked and ready for every morning. I can home a totally different more mature person! Also darker lol my mom told me she was looking for a white girl and she started noticing I got darker lol! I miss everybody I need numbers ASAP! Love you all!!!! “Hy’shqe Siam Ne Scheleche Siam” that means “Thank you my friends and relative”❤️❤️❤️