zions last day

i am very thankful for this last couple of days i had a great time. the last two years I’ve came i had a great time, memories i will have forever and never forget. special thanks to my mentor Alejandro for always keeping it cool with me cause i know i get antsy and he never got frustrated with me. to my room mates i know i was pretty loud at night but thanks for not getting mad. thank you to all the mentors we had very meaning full conversation and i learned so much. i cant wait to see what we are going to do next year. my biggest take away of this years program is patience i learned that one of the best way to live a happy life is with as much patience as possible


photos and editing zion

on the 16th we took photos and we edited them. the idea was too to edit your self in a picture with meaning. i choose to take a aztec codex and there meaning and compare me to them in the same posses with the same tools they had just a modern version of there tools. its a way to show my connection with my ancestors and how are people still live on.43453714802_b9665468df_k.jpg

wishtoyo and limuw with zion

we just spent four dayz at the beautiful wish. We went to limuw and i had a great time we went for a hike and we rode canoes around the island it was my first time and i was so exited we went through three caves. when we got back from canoeing i went on a hike  we got a beautiful view of the hole island. i am very thankful

day three ny2c Zion

Third day of the ny2c program and i’m having a great time. Mayan math is always very interesting finding connection with the maya culture and mine the relations between calendars and our mathematics. I had a great time in the game design class my group invented a hybrid of tennis, the mayan ball game, and soccer. It wasn’t very easy  but we still had a good time. we also watched spirit games great movie glad to see it for a second time its a beautiful piece thank you so much.

zions day two ny2c

Had a great time with Hector Pacheco playing  the flower game. We built a lot of the chemistry as a group today with the game. I also got chance to shoot on a camera for a bit with Gena I was very excited. The discussion with Dr. Adrian Pantoja, it was very relatable and interactive it sparked a great conversation love to take that class again. Yesterday was beautiful the naming ceremony was beautiful never experienced  anything like it. I am very thank full.


zion 1st blog

Today was a great first day of the native youth to college program. Met a lot of new interesting  people cant wait to see whats going to happen tomorrow. I enjoyed the work shop with Dr.Thomas it was very interesting and touching subject. It was very relatable glad to take that work shop again. Also the dream pillow with auntie Julia was very beautiful.


day 13 zion

today was kind of sad walking out of the computer lab for the last time i was the last person out of the room me and Belmont went to lunch after. the last math class was good tata Vicente told us a creation it was great i will try to remember it. we had lunch it was pretty good better than yesterday. the class with gena the producer was gret she was very open with us and i appreciate it

day 12: zion

today was pretty cool we had most of the same classes with and extra two classes . the two extra classes were very interesting both very power fully messages about change and how to better your self and your community. Joshua hathaway spoke very strongly about decolonize and i appreciate that so much he had no chill but it was a good no chill he did because he cared about us. we also had a class with Katharine Walken talked about the power of writing and hoe detail is the best way to write

day 10 zion

today we went to western university its a fairly sized university very humbly placed it was only two roles of buildings it reminded me of the community it cowboy movies. we learned how native medical students cope with there spiritual and medical lives. in most native american community its not ok or not preferred to do surgery. so it kind of go agents there tribal beliefs but they go through special ceremony so they can stay safe. we came back to Pitzer and went to aztec math class it was very productive he clarified many doubts about dividing equations and place vale. about an hour after that class we attended a very intreating class called Vertigo in the Diaspora. from my understanding the class was very well based around civil rights activism in a collage setting/community. i found i very interesting the topic on injustices on a collage campus and any talk on civil rights and activism

zion day 10 change

today we met with joe parker a white hair, nice pair of glasses, nicely dressed middle aged white man. Imagine a bear in a four cornered room walking around writing on a black board. I compare him to a bear because bears are strong and he has a lot of wisdom. When he passed out his papers I got excited because it was about the zapatista movement. I felt like we learned from eachother. I kind of corrected him. He wrote women and I told him to write it with a y (Womyn). He was like woah. And surprised. Everyone else in the room was like what are you talking about. I explained it to kids who asked me after class. I told them its a womyns empowerment movement. My mom put me into that she said “its womyn spelled with a y!” I tried to think about it today. So the word women has the word men in it so the only way they can self identify is with the wo because theyre not a man unless they identify as a man.

He had a lot of knowledge about revolution and that kind of stuff. He was a white man, but he knew what he was talking about. And I want to know what im talking about, when that knowledge needs to be shared.