I was so excited and tired at the same time and looking forward to see the anatomy lab at the Western University of Health Sciences. When we got their my stomach was all twisted n’ I had butterflies as well. We did the Sage before we head into the school… Umma… We also listened to one of the doctors who worked there, they talked ’bout the differences in studying heart beats and how to treat neck pains and other pains in the body. When that was done, we head over to the anatomy lab. I was really nervous! I said a little prayer and I was confident, so… When we got their…. We went into the lab coat room and  this odor-like-smell just quickly went into my nostrils and it was just bad and gross! We put on the lab coats and then we head into the anatomy lab, and I see all of these…. Dead bodies…. All wrapped up! And…. The smell in the lab wasn’t that bad at all. I looked around and saw on top of the shelves were some organs inside these jars! It was amazing! And I see all of the different organs on the trays… Different shapes of the heart, the lung, and chopped up pieces of the human brain! I was soooooo excited! I was the first one to get to hold one of these awesome human organs! The lung, from a smoker, was…. very big! And some of the sides were all hard and some of the parts of the lung was…. squishy, and some of it was soft. Then we moved onto the hearts! The heart was, like, the size of my face! Well… Kinda. lol Anyways, It was amazing! I loved the anatomy lab! We didn’t get to see an actual human cadaver, sadly. I was sad. 😦 I wanted to dissect a human cadaver and see it. 😦 But… I had fun, anyways. 🙂


One thought on “The Anatomy Lab!

  1. I wanted to do the same… just to see how everything is connected and works together inside the body… but none the less it was still awesome.

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