So we did some dancing the last few days which was very fun and funny because I really have no idea how to dance… the West African dancing that we learned was really hard for me because it was so much movement and exaggerated movement… I was so sore after we learned ONE dance. Yesterday, we learned some salsa dancing which was awesome it took a while a for me to get the count down and then when I did we had to switch partners. Today, we went to the farmers market which was fun also because I got to talk to a few people from there… one guy was selling cacti from all over the world. One of the other mentors, Becca, bought an old man cactus which was awesome because it was all hairy.

In total, I am having a good time; an even better time because I got to see my daughter and husband yesterday… but I really feel like some of the youth here have become more connected and bonded. I am super excited that all the youth who are here have so many ideas and goals and I can’t wait to see where they go in life….

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