Hello pipeline family

It has been a while since I have been on here and have updated everyone on myself… so I am doing so today. Summer is almost here and I am graduating on June 8th 2012 from Cal Poly Pomona. I am exicted as I have already set forth my plans and have been accepted in to a masters program (at UCLA in American Indian Studies). However, I would like to remind all of the high school students that your fears of entering into college are very similar to mine of entering in to a graduate program… a new school, new teachers, new peers… this is a time for all of us to take note that in the end when are all connected with that fear of new and unknown but with support (like the pipeline and family) we can all conquer our fears and accomplish our goals! I am looking forward to hearing about each of your stories about how and where you are headed because I know that you all are going to do great things!


New Year…

So the holidays are over and for me it is back to school…. what a drag. All I can think about is how I am almost done… I have four classes left (taking two this quarter) and then I’ll be a grad. I hope that everyone is doing well and that the break wasn’t too short… I hope the new year brings to you all your hopes!


The last few days have been really fun with the few exceptions of me having to leave… I love being here and I hate when I have to leave to go to class. It seems like I leave when all the good things are planned… like today the youth are going to cal poly and I wont be there the whole time. Yet, at the same time I am happy to see my daughter and my husband in the morning before I come back. Last night was fun because we got to meet another group on campus… we had somewhat of a talent show which turned into a dance.

Yesterday, we went to the Southwest Museum and the Gene Autry Museum. I had a lot of fun learning about all the things that really going on in a museum. I learned how the different artifacts are taken care of and how they are preserved. There are many different people who work in Museums and I never knew what they did… but with the behind the scenes we got yesterday I know now. The Gene Autry Museum was really fun and very informational. After we were allowed to leave and explore by ourselves we took some funny pictures… They also provided us with a really good lunch. Which we all loved!!

I am sad that the pipeline is almost over because we won’t get to see everyone as much as we have been… I can’t wait to keep in touch tho.



a few things… that have been fun

So we did some dancing the last few days which was very fun and funny because I really have no idea how to dance… the West African dancing that we learned was really hard for me because it was so much movement and exaggerated movement… I was so sore after we learned ONE dance. Yesterday, we learned some salsa dancing which was awesome it took a while a for me to get the count down and then when I did we had to switch partners. Today, we went to the farmers market which was fun also because I got to talk to a few people from there… one guy was selling cacti from all over the world. One of the other mentors, Becca, bought an old man cactus which was awesome because it was all hairy.

In total, I am having a good time; an even better time because I got to see my daughter and husband yesterday… but I really feel like some of the youth here have become more connected and bonded. I am super excited that all the youth who are here have so many ideas and goals and I can’t wait to see where they go in life….

Just a few thoughts…

So today is Saturday… we have made it through the first week and I am so proud of everyone!! I think that tonight was by far the best and I feel like we all really connected better than any other time we have had. I am happy that everyone who is here came to this program and I am so grateful to have a wonderful group… both young adults and mentors!!


In Whose Honor

Today we watched a documentary that features Charlene Teters. The title of this documentary was “In Whose Honor” and it was about the mascot issue that Charlene had endure when she was at the University of Illinois. This film was a heavy topic and it made me feel bad watching it because of how the people, who did not understand why the mascot issue is a problem,treated Native Americans. My heart goes out to those that have had to go through things like this so that I might not of had to… even tho we have not completely made it to a point where racism is not extinct I can say that the activist work that others have done before  has helped out. This documentary hits me because I have experienced the whole mascot controversy in my lifetime. In college I had a public speaking class and I presented this issue and I had to defend my argument more than any other student. It was mind blowing how many students commented saying that the mascot issue made no sense because it is not offensive… but how can something that makes me feel like nothing and feel this horrible… not be offensive?


Western University… our trip.

So, today is, Wednesday and we visited Western University where the students learned about the different types of medicine and medical fields. We first learn the difference between a MD and DO. (I think??) Anyways, basically one has more hours learning… like 408 more hours… and they also learn how to treat the patient better. This is because they learn how to use their hands and feel what is wrong with the body. Mike one of the students there tried to fix my lower back but the table that was there was not the best and he just couldn’t really pop anything. However, he got some of the other mentors kinks out… which is awesome. We next went to the thing lab where the vets learn how to stitch things up and give shots. I did my first suture which was awesome and it came out good… makes me think I could do that…jk! The last part, before the q&a, was the anatomy lab where we learn more about the brain, the heart, and the lungs. I got to hold them!!! which was cool. Now we are all blogging…. and I’ll admit that I am tired and ready to eat.

: )

Alexandra Mojado-Jimenez