Yesterday was…. a very AWESOME day! I didn’t know we were going to Universal Studios! We had to get up early and… we were all tired and we fell asleep in the car…. and…. when I woke up…. I see that we were in Hollywood. And I also see that we were entering Universal Studios! I was all “Omggs!!!!! Universal!!” Some of my friends never been to Universal Studios! Man! It was awesome and we even got V.I.P passes!!! I thank Scott and I thank to Universal!! Wow! It was my first time having a V.I.P pass!! We toured around the studios! We even saw King Kong 360 in 3D! I loved it!! That was EPIC! And we even get to tour around Little Europe and the other buildings! We also went inside the set of ParentHood! I loved it! Everything inside of the house was very realistic! We also went to the prop studio and looked at the props! Haha! I laughed at one prop… and it was the raptor from Jurrasic Park and… it was all dressed up and it was called the GaGasarous! (I dunno how to spell it?) But… That was funny! I really loved the prop house! I just wanted to call it that. 😉 Annnyyywwaaayyss! We were on the rides and I wanted to go and see the House of Horrors!!!!! When we were approaching there… I saw this actor acting like Dracula and I wanted to take a pic with him. lol I can still feel the fangs right on my neck (On the left side. lol And this morning I can still feel it. lol) Anyways, we went to the House of Horrors, Fabian and Rebecca didn’t want to go in, I ran in there!! And it had all of these models of the Horror movies that Universal has made since the 60s? 50s? But… The House of Horrors was AMAZING! And I loved it! That is my favorite thus far. 😀 x)


2 thoughts on “Universal Studios!

  1. House of Horrors was too scary for me 😉 But I really enjoyed the backstage tour and being able to hear from all the executives how they got there jobs. It was amazing and I am so grateful they all took the time to speak with us! This program is amazing and gives us all an opportunity to check out all the things we can do when we graduate.

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