Dear Friends of the Pipeline Community, I have had the most wonderful time living and learning with you all. I WILL NEVER FORGET THE PEOPLE I CONNECTED WITH. No matter how long we don’t see each other. I don’t forget the people who matter to me. We’ve only known each other for a little over a week but i feel like you guys have become so much more than my “room mates”. You guys are the new family! You guys have taught me things i wouldn’t have learned back in my city, I couldn’t be more appreciative. I’ve made so many connections like with Elka, Jessica(m), Rebecca, Alex(girl), Christa, Skyla, Fabian, Kapele, and many others. I never would have thought to meet so many people who are like my personal light houses on a stormy day, they enlighten me so much. I can honestly say I’m going to think about you guys along the way, It’d be a shame to go on and not use the information I received. I’m so thankful for this moment and I’m glad I got to know you all. It’s another chapter in my book, we can’t go back but we can look and there we are on every page, the memories are always safe 🙂 All the times that we shared, every place, everywhere, you all touched my life. I’ll hold you in my heart forever, I’ll always remember you
“Don’t be sad when the sun goes down, You wake up and I’m not around”

We’ll still have the summer after 🙂 I promise to come back next year as a mentor, so you guys better watch out lol..

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